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FAQ - Email and multifactor authentication

Tampere University and TAMK

Which email applications support multifactor authentication?


Supported email applications


Outlook for Microsoft 365
Outlook 2016 or newer

mac OS

Outlook for Mac 2016 or newer


Outlook for Android


Outlook for iOS
Mail for iOS 11 or newer 


Outlook on the web (OWA)
Thunderbird 77 or newer


Can I read TUNI email with anything else than a browser or Outlook?

Only supported programs can be logged in with a tuni ID, so you can't.

On Android devices, you can only use the Outlook program in the work profile. On iOS devices, you can only use the managed Outlook app.

Can I use another email app - such as Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo etc. that is not on the list of supported email apps - to read personal email and manage my calendar?

You may use the application you want to manage your personal email and calendar. However, an application that support multifactor authentication must be used to manage your TUNI emails and calendar.

Can I read personal email – such as Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo etc. – with the University’s devices?

You can read personal email with the University’s devices.

I have a work telephone. Is the employer managing it and do you keep it up to date?

We are planning to do this, but unfortunately, we are not doing this yet.

How can I update the email application on my phone myself?

The native email programme, such as Samsung Mail, is only updated during a system update, but you can update Outlook from the app store. On an Android phone, for example, you can update the Outlook programme you are using by going to the Play Store and selecting My Apps and Games behind the three lines in the upper left corner. Here you can see if an update is available for Microsoft Outlook and you can update it.

Please note that when switching to use the supported email application, you must first remove the existing TUNI account before creating a new TUNI email account.

I have added the TUNI email account into my personal phone. Should I update that, too?

Yes, if it does not support multifactor authentication yet. This concerns all the devices with which you use your TUNI email account.

Remember to also start using multifactor authentication in the personal phone where you have added the TUNI email account. Instructions on how to start using multifactor authentication.

Will TUNI Office 365 continue to allow Oauth2-based MFA-IMAP because Thunderbird is adding Microsoft 365 support to it?

Microsoft implements OAuth support for IMAP, and we expect it to remain permanent, but OAuth support or client support are not in our hands. In Thunderbird, support for two-step authentication for Office 365 has been included with version 77. For Linux, there is no Outlook option at least for the moment.

See the instructions Thunderbird 77 or newer.

If this did not answer your questions, send us an email via it-helpdesk [at] Depending on your problem, please include the name of your work computer/your computer model/phone model/tablet model in the message. Tell us which application you have used and its version number (Settings - Applications).


Published: 14.8.2020
Updated: 22.12.2023