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FAQ - Other Microsoft 365 cloud services

Tampere University and TAMK

How do I install Microsoft Teams on my computer?

Microsoft Teams is pre-installed on staff-maintained computers. You can install the program from your Microsoft 365 portal on your personal computer.

I must store my assignments for a specific period of time. How can I copy conversations, notebooks and assignments from Microsoft Teams?

The conversations carried out via Teams cannot be saved on a computer but assignments submitted through Teams can. Assignments will be stored in a separate hidden file library. To download assignments stored in the hidden file library:

  1. Open Teams.
  2. Go to the Files tab.
  3. Click Open in Sharepoint. Depending on the size of your Teams window you can find it by clicking on the three dots.
  4. The browser opens.
  5. Sign in by using your TUNI email address.
  6. Click the gear icon on the top right corner and select Site contents.
  7. Click Student Work.
  8. Select all the folders and click Download.
  9. If you edit your assignment before submitting the final version, the unfinished files will be stored separately.
  10. Save the files in your chosen location.

You can export OneNote notebooks as OneNote packages to save them on your computer. You need to first open your OneNote notebook in OneNote 2016 and then select File –> Export –> Notebook –> OneNote Package.


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Published: 31.1.2019
Updated: 22.12.2023