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Assessment of teaching competence

Why is teaching competence assessed?

The assessment of teaching competence implements the goals of the education and research strategies of the Tampere University community regarding pedagogical renewal of the higher education community, the close connection between teaching and research, and the appreciation and support of teaching. The purpose of teaching competence assessment is to produce a good and well-grounded picture of the applicants’ teaching competence and their motivation to develop as a teacher.

Ways to assess teaching competence

Teaching competence can be assessed with the help of, for example, a teaching portfolio, a demonstration lesson, a sample lecture or, a combination of the aforementioned.

In the teaching portfolio used to assess teaching competence, applicants present their skills in the following areas:

  1. Pedagogical philosophy: the applicant’s conception of learning and how teaching can support it
  2. Pedagogical skills: pedagogical training and research, awards received for good teaching, other acknowledgments, and merits
  3. Experience of teaching and supervision: courses taught, theses supervised, working as an academic tutor, using different teaching methods and learning environments, teaching and supervision practices that promote learning and skills development
  4. Development of teaching and supervision competence: the development of and making use of teaching materials and learning environments, using students’ feedback to develop teaching, basing teaching on research
  5. Joint development of teaching: cooperation with teachers, students and employees, multidisciplinary cooperation, curriculum design, internationality, pedagogical leadership
  6. Other teaching merits
  7. Previous assessments of teaching competence

The purpose of the interview is to clarify and ensure details provided in the application documents – such as the practical application of pedagogical philosophy – and to chart the applicant’s interest in teaching development and abilities for being an active developer of communal modes of action.


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