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Physical accessibility at TAMK

The present-day acts and decrees form the basis for TAMK’s all facility design and construction. Physical accessibility on campuses has been improved in connection with several alteration works and projects, by means of accessibility mappings and taking different user groups into consideration in facility and furniture design.

Progress of physical accessibility measures is followed and considered in annual, project and renovation planning. Realisation of set objectives is followed and further development proposals are made for budgeting and implementation. The lessor is in charge of physical accessibility in rented facilities.

TAMK’s main campus has buildings and extensions with varying equipment from different periods. The main campus is physically accessible and accessibility of main routes has been ensured with ramps, lifts and automatic doors. Further information on accessibility and facility equipment can be asked from the info desks. The info desks are located in the Kuntokatu and Teiskontie side lobbies, close to the accessible main entrances. General-use classrooms are mainly accessible.

Different user groups are considered in campus development and facilities are designed and developed together with users. TAMK has an accessible exam room for e-exams and paper exams.

An induction loop mapping (QLU survey report) was completed at TAMK in 2021. The mapping established functioning of present-day induction loops and the need for increasing their number. Physical hearing maps were also made of the facilities. They can be found at website.

Everyone’s TAMK

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