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Photo from TAMK library.

Financial responsibility

The funding of Tampere Universities largely consists of core funding allocated by the Ministry of Education and Culture according to the principles laid down in its funding models for universities and universities of applied sciences. In addition to core funding, higher education institutions also receive external funding from other sources such as the Academy of Finland, Business Finland, foundations, enterprises, the European Union and other international sources. Donations also play a growing role in expanding the funding base of Tampere Universities.

The finances of Tampere Universities are planned and monitored responsibly and with foresight. From the point of view of financial responsibility, one of the most significant tasks of Tampere Universities is to ensure that the community’s funding is used for the purposes for which it was allocated.

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Responsible investments

Responsibility is an integral part of all investment activities at Tampere Universities. The principles of environmental responsibility, social responsibility and good governance (ESG) are considered in all investments. In practice, this means that the university requires the service provider of the selected investment portfolio to commit to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment.

The goal of investments is to invest the universities’ assets productively, safely and responsibly, which increases their long-term financial stability.