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Tampere Genomics Facility

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Fragment Analyzer


Tampere Genomics Facility

Tampere Genomics Facility is located in the Arvo building on the Kauppi Campus of the Tampere University. The facility offers instruments for a variety of genomics studies. After training by facility personnel, users can use the following instruments themselves:

  • Fragment Analyzer - nucleic acid analysis
  • TapeStation - nucleic acid analysis
  • MiSeq sequencing platform
  • Droplet Digital PCR
  • Chromium Controller - single cell molecular analysis
  • Covaris S220 ultrasonicator
  • Chemagic 360 robot - high throughput nucleic acid isolation
  • Janus G3 robot - automated liquid handling

The following service is performed by facility staff, who will run your ready-made reactions:

  • Sanger sequencing

More detailed information on the facility instruments can be found behind the Services tab.


Please note that each instrument is billed differently. Prices for user groups from Tampere University are shown on each instrument's subpage. Other academic and non-academic users are asked to inquire specific pricing. Tampere Genomics Facility reserves the right to price adjustments.

Booking system

All instruments run by users themselves must be booked using Agendo: https://tuni.agendo.science


All the users of the Tampere Genomics Facility services are obligated to acknowledge the facility and Biocenter Finland in publications:

"The authors acknowledge the Biocenter Finland (BF) and Tampere Genomics Facility for the service."

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