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Tampereen yliopisto
University of Duhok, Kurdistan

The aim of the project is to raise the awareness of staffs and students in both universities about the role of adult, vocational and higher education in addressing the challenges of forced migration, environmental degradation and economic inequality, in Finland and Kurdistan.

The project builds on previous collaboration, documented in the MoU between Tampere University and University of Duhok in 2018, mutual visits and activities and E+ global mobility project in 2018-2021.

The focus of collaboration is in creating new joint cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary (such as education, peace studies, sociology and social work, environmental management) postgraduate studies, which are integrated to societally and environmentally responsive, transformative research, involving cooperation with relevant non-university actors in adult and vocational education, NGOs and governance.

The core of project activities is joint postgraduate thesis research of MA/Dr students in TAU and UoD, related studies and supervision, transformative interventions in adult and vocational education, in collaboration with national and international NGOs and public authorities.

For those who are interested, contact persons in EDU/TAU are Professor (emerita) Anja Heikkinen (anja.heikkinen [at] tuni.fi) and Dr researcher Golaleh Makrooni (golaleh.makrooni [at] tuni.fi), and in UoD Director of International Office Rund Hammoudi (rund.hammoudi [at] uod.ac), Lecturer Samya Saeed (samya.saeed [at] uod.ac) and Dr Maamoon Zawity (maamoon [at] uod.ac)