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The focus of cooperation is on joint, transformative research at MA and Doctoral level between TAU and Samford University and Islamic University of Bangladesh, targeted to urgent challenges in developing education and good governance at both ends. Research is supported by methodological and relevant subject studies, focusing on adult, vocational and higher education and governance. These activities are integrated to development of governance and programmes in partner universities to become more responsive to sustainable development at local and global level. The supervisory team engages academics mainly from educational and administrational sciences, but according to the research topics, also from other disciplines.

The project promotes generation of more extensive research, teaching and development collaboration between the partners, among its main outcomes are joint research reports and articles, developed by the participating students and staff. The research results and project experiences will also be disseminated in relevant academic and popular events and published in scientific and popular journals and social media channels.

For those interested in joining activities, the contact persons are in EDU/TAU Professor (emerita) Anja Heikkinen (anja.heikkinen [at] tuni.fi) and in SUB Professor Aka Firowz Ahmad (akafirowzahmad [at] gmail.com) and in IUB Professor Mohammed Asaduzzaman (asaduzzaman.mohammed [at] gmail.com).