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I study the use of knowledge in climate governance in cities: how city organisations, experts and policymakers, make do with knowledge in efforts to act on climate crises. With two Academy of Finland projects, WISE and LONGRISK, I co-design and conduct policymaking exercises with cities in Finland. The exercises task policymakers to consider the long-term repercussions of climate and environmental change and to match them with the uncertainties and temporal spans of governance.

In my research, I study this challenge in two ways. First, I analyse the every-day practices of producing knowledge and using expertise in city governance. Second, I focus on scenario and simulation techniques and specifically on the kinds of exercises we have conducted. I'm interested in how policymakers put future-oriented thinking into practice, and how they conceive of knowing how to govern climate crises that are both acute and decadally unfolding. Finally, I concentrate on how Bayesian causal modelling could be used as a tool for thinking about future social and environmental risks and producing expert judgment that could be critical of relying on purely 'numerical' probability calculus and estimates – and yet actionable.

I take conceptual inspiration from science and technology studies, social practice theories, social systems theory, ecological and cybernetic thinking, and all kinds of sociologies of calculative techniques.  



Sociology, science and technology studies

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