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Roope Raisamo

professori, Human-Technology Interaction

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Roope Raisamo is a Professor of Human-Technology Interaction, with specialization in multimodal interaction in Tampere University, Finland. He is the head of TAUCHI Research Center. Roope Raisamo has studied interactive multimodal systems, two-handed interaction and eXtended Reality in several application fields, including education technology, medical technology, automotive systems, manufacturing industry and mobile devices. A major part of Professor Raisamo's research is related to study of haptics: new forms of haptic feedback and haptic input as a part of multimodal interaction. His team has filed 10+ international patents in this area together with collaborating companies. Most research projects have active industrial collaboration and co-creation. Professor Raisamo has published on topics that range from usability and user experience studies to new device prototypes and complete interactive systems. Typically the research contains a constructive part (design and implementation of novel interactive systems) and an empirical part (controlled experiments in the laboratory and/or in the field). He is currently teaching, researching and heading several large research projects in the study and development of multimodal interaction, haptics, gaze and XR. He is also the founding chair of SIGCHI Finland, ACM SIGCHI Local Chapter in Finland. He is a recognized recipient of grants and leader in more than 50 externally funded human-technology interaction research projects, with total external funding of about 20 million euros. Selected recent major research projects include MIVI , AMICI, and DPI. He has over 260 scientific publications, including the work published e.g. in International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, Human-Computer Interaction, IEEE Transactions on Haptics, and IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence.


Professor, Director of TAUCHI Research Center

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Expertise in human-technology interaction, multimodal interaction, haptics, interaction technologies, human augmentation.


Multimodal interaction, human augmentation, extended reality, interaction technologies, haptics


TAUCHI Research Center, Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences


human-technology interaction, computer science


See list of my research projects and funding at: https://homepages.tuni.fi/roope.raisamo/Raisamo-CV.pdf


Researcher in 1994-1997

Professor of computer science since 1998.

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