Riie Heikkilä

Riie Heikkilä

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I’m a postdoctoral researcher at the Tampere University. My research interests include cultural capital, cultural consumption and production, and social stratification, with a specific interest on comparative sociology. I earned my PhD in 2011 at the University of Helsinki. 

I am currently leading a research project called "Redistribution of Cultural Capital in the Era of Algorithms: A Comparative Study of Finnish Libraries" (funded by Kone Foundation) that studies, in comparative settings and through a multi-method approach, how algorithmic collection management in public libraries has shaped cultural tastes and affected how cultural capital is distributed. How can “algorithmification” shape cultural tastes and choices? What does the increasing use of algorithms eventually mean for the redistribution of cultural capital?

I am also a member of the Dynamics of Cultural Stratification research project, also at the Tampere University: other team members include Semi Purhonen (PI), Taru Lindblom and Jarmo Kallunki.