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I joined Tampere University in 2021 as a University Lecturer in International Relations at the Faculty of Management and Business. Prior to that, I was a Lecturer in International Relations at Coventry University, a Teaching Fellow at the University of Warwick, and an Assistant Professor at the University of Tokyo. I received my PhD in International Politics from Aberystwyth University. 

Previously, I also worked as a programme advisor at the Cabinet Office of the Government of Japan and as a CRISES research fellow at the University of Jyväskylä. I had also held an honorary research fellow position at the University of Warwick. I am currently serving as an assistant editor for the journal, Citizenship Studies.  

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My research cuts across the fields of migration and citizenship studies, security studies, border studies, and international relations. Most of my work derives from a general interest in citizenship and community. In particular, I examine how the ambiguous boundaries of citizenship are transforming conventional meanings of politics and the space of political community. To do so, I explore concepts such as home, belonging, and translation. 

My research has developed around the following three areas: (1) irregular migrant activism; (2) mobility and natural disasters; (3) ageing and migration. For more about my research, please see: https://warwick.ac.uk/fac/soc/pais/people/shindo/


Migration, citizenship, community, borders, security, language


International Relations, international political sociology, citizenship and migration studies, border studies, security studies

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