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Pauliina Lehtonen

Tampereen yliopisto

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Pauliina Lehtonen’s work concentrates on public engagement, urban governance, media and democracy. She is especially interested in practices of knowledge production and communication in public engagement, and the uses of communication technology in civic action. Methodologically, her expertise is in case study and action research as means to further the dialogic co-production of research.


Currently she works as senior research fellow in "Eco-Social Well-being and Inclusion. New Dynamics of Urban Segregation" research project (EKOS, 2020–2023, led by Prof Liisa Häikiö), where we assumed that urban segregation may encourage differentiation in residential areas regarding the enabling of sustainable housing and living. With residents, the City of Tampere and regional actors, we studied how residents can contribute to sustainability transitions and recognise ways to support the well-being and inclusion of people living in suburban areas. The research published a policy brief ‘Sustainable city needs citizen knowledge’.

She also leads the Finnish sub-study "Establishing a community on empowering, inclusive and equitable citizen science within ECIU" (ECIE, 2022-2023), funded by ECIU SMART-ER project under Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. The project (coordinated by University of Twente) advances the development of citizen science initiatives, in and among ECIU universities, by focusing on the empowerment, inclusion, and equality of citizens' contributions to science. 


Osallistuva budjetointi, kansalaistiede, kansalaisosallistuminen, kaupunkisuunnittelu, paikallishallinto, media, journalistinen työ