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Oshie Nishimura-Sahi

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Oshie Nishimura-Sahi is a doctoral researcher at the Faculty of Education and Culture, Tampere University in Finland. Her research interests include the nature of global education policies and trends, the transnational mobility of educational ideas and the interplay among multiple actors in the processes of policy transfer.

Her dissertation is concerned with a global education policy, namely, the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) to understand the relational, networked and assembled nature of globalised education policy. Drawing on documentary materials and in-depth interviews, it explores what political circumstance gave rise to Japanese interest in the CEFR, how certain CEFR ideas became incorporated into the Japanese education system, and how the CEFR itself has been developed in the course of its transfer. In so doing, her dissertation ultimately aims to challenge the hierarchy in the binary conception of the global as policy lender/circulator and the local as policy borrower.

Oshie is also interested in utilising concepts and approaches to knowledge production that have been developed by Japanese thinkers. Using Japanese ideas developed in the periphery of the academic landscape, she attempts to contribute to the advancement of the methodological and epistemological diversity in comparative education research from the decolonial perspective.

Her research interests comprise also such themes as education export [Koulutusvienti in Finnish], multicultural and intercultural education, foreign language education policy and education systems in Japan and Finland.


2021 - 2023 KAS.KAA.110 The Finnish Education and Schooling System (Independent study, English essay)

Merkittävimmät julkaisut

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