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Mikko Hokka

professori, Materiaalien mekaaninen käyttäytyminen
Tampereen yliopisto
Sähköpostiosoitemikko.hokka [at] tuni.fi
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My current research interests are closely related to the experimental characterization of material behavior under dynamic loading. I am interested in developing experimental characterization methods for high and low temperature testing at high strain rates, and various high speed digital photography and digital image correlation techniques for studying dynamic phenomena. More detailed examples include effects of strain rate and temperature (adiabatic heating) on the strain induced phase transformations, percussive drilling of rocks and concrete, plastic deformation of high entropy alloys, modeling of the stacking fault energy, and characterization of the effects of adiabatic heating on plastic deformation using simultaneous high speed optical and infrared imaging. Please see more on my website: 


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Mechanical testing, Experimental Mechanics, Digital Image Correlation, Infrared Imaging, Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar, Dynamic Behavior of Materials, Elasticity, time dependent plasticity, microplasticity, fracture and failure.