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Essi Sarlin

Tenure track -professori, Polymeerimateriaalit
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Sähköpostiosoiteessi.sarlin [at] tuni.fi
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My research in the research group of Plastics and Elastomer Technology is focused mainly on polymer and elastomer based composites and polymer/metal hybrids. Sustainability is one of the most important driving forces in my work and therefore topics, such as recycling of composites and plastics or microplastics, are in core of my studies. Tailoring the interfacial properties between the reinforcements and matrix and controlling the degradation of the structure, are typical research questions in my projects. In addition, I am very interested in the correlation between microscopic and macroscopic test results, which I think is the key to implement scientific research results into industrial applications. In addition to traditional experimental test methods, micro-/precision-robotic test concepts are often applied in my research projects, which allows us to study the mechanical properties of fibres and fibre/matrix interfaces in micro scale and enables unique possibilities to study the degradation of composite materials in a reliable manner. I am actively collaborating with industrial and academic partners both nationally and internationally.