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Karttapallo tason päällä kirjastossa.

Finnish language studies - SIMHE

On this page, you can find information on Finnish language requirements, language education and independent Finnish language studies

Language proficiency test

You can test your Finnish vocabulary with this language proficiency test. Anyone can take the test. The tested words are common Finnish words which everybody needs. They are in the basic form. The test only works well if you have experience in reading and writing Finnish. The test is particularly well suited to adult language users who are considering application for higher education studies.

Take the language proficiency test (in Finnish)

If more than 90% of your answers are right on the level 3, you probably have sufficient vocabulary and language skills for beginning higher education studies. Even then, a lot of support and independent work are needed to learn the language. Then you can complete the levels 4 and 5. They show you how easy higher education studies probably are to you. The better your results are on the levels 4 and 5, the easier studying in Finnish would be to you.

If fewer than 90% of your answers are right on the level 3, your vocabulary and language skills may not be sufficient for higher education studies. Then you can test the levels 1 and 2. They show you how well you know the easier vocabulary. If your results on the levels 1 and 2 are lower than 90% right, you should wait and practise your language skills elsewhere before starting higher education studies.

The language proficiency test is continuously being developed. Please give feedback on the test.

Language requirements in higher education

When you apply for degree studies in higher education, you may be required to prove your Finnish language skills.

Finnish language requirements at Tampere University

If you participate in the university of applied sciences’ entrance examination, you do not need to prove your language skills separately. The entrance examination tests your Finnish language proficiency.

You will also need Finnish language skills during the studies. Develop your Finnish language skills continuously. When you are a higher education student, you can have support for learning the Finnish language.

Language studies

You can find available Finnish language courses on our Finnish sites.

Independent Finnish language studies

It is worth studying the Finnish language actively. Plenty of self-study material is available on different websites. Libraries have many books written in a simplified text. We have gathered some tips below on where you can find courses and study the Finnish language independently.