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Risk Management and Circular Economy (Master of Engineering)

Tampere University of Applied Sciences

Do you want to be a circular economy change agent?

The idea of RiMCE is to combine students with background in engineering, in business and in natural resources. Studying in multidisciplinary student group give graduates competence to work with people having different educational and working backgrounds which is very much needed in the modern working life. Development of circular economy solutions take place in multi-professional teams.

RiMCE is a mid-career Master’s degree and requires 2 years (24 months) of work experience after Bachelor’s.  The applicants with degree in Bachelor's of Engineering, Natural Resources and Business Administration or other suitable Bachelor’s degree can apply to the program. Because the Bachelor’s degrees are either 240 or 210 ECTS credits also the master studies are either 60 or 90 ECTS credits (MBA). 

RiMCE studies gives you competence to apply the ideas of circular economy and risk management into your work. Designing new products and services needs understanding about the whole life cycle. Circular economy business models challenge current way to do business and leadership and communication skills are needed for making change. The accommodating the principles of circular economy to the society requires not only innovative thinking but also risk management skills.