Degree programme

Photonics Technologies

Study photonics technologies – for a more sustainable future!

Photonics, the science and technology of light, contributes to a more sustainable future in communications, health care, energy production, manufacturing, safety and security as well as consumer products – to mention some! In fact, photonics has the power to improve our daily lives in a multitude of areas where light is used, produced, or modified. Our two-year Master’s Programme in Photonics Technologies will give you an excellent basis for a future career in a growing industry.

Top-notch theoretical knowledge and collaboration with the industry

This Master’s programme provides you with in-depth knowledge of photonics ranging from fundamental light-matter interactions, laser physics and nonlinear dynamics to the design of optical systems, semiconductor technologies, advanced nanofabrication methods and measurement techniques.

Theoretical knowledge is put into practice through experiments and hands-on laboratory assignments to develop both research and engineering skills. You will also have plenty of opportunities to develop new insights through close collaboration with the industry. Moreover, we regularly offer opportunities to attend seminars covering highly interesting emerging research areas.

Choose from two specialisations

You can specialise either in Photonics Materials or Ultrafast Photonics and Lasers. Depending on your interests, you will also be able to choose electives from among the wide array of courses offered by the multidisciplinary Tampere University.

Bright future outlook in a growing industry

After completing the programme, you will understand the role of photonics in society, have the required intercultural skills and international experience, and will be well prepared for a career as a high-tech expert in a rapidly growing industry. Your future role after studies could be e.g. as project engineer, technology specialist or developer. Or you might opt for doctoral studies and pursue an academic career.

Benefit from high-quality research and international networks

Our education is based on long-standing research in photonics. Tampere University coordinates the prestigious Finnish Academy Flagship on Photonics Research and Innovation, PREIN. It is a national ecosystem and hub for high-quality research with proven societal impact.

Our extensive international networks offer you the opportunity to spend some time in other renowned institutions to further enrich your international experience. Moreover, our students have the opportunity to complete a double degree in Photonics with ITMO University, Russia. Students can apply for the double degree option during the first year of the master’s programme.

Come study photonics technologies with us and become a creator of a more sustainable future!