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Joint Erasmus Mundus Degree EUROPHOTONICS

Tampere University

EUROPHOTONICS - Study Photonics in Europe

Study photonics in leading edge Universities in Europe and earn a joint degree. Photonics, the science and technology of light offers many applications in the fields of medical technology, energy production, data transmission, quantum computing, AR and VR technologies, lighting and many others. Different specialisations in the EUROPHOTONICS programme give students the opportunity to not only learn the basics but also to focus on a specialization according to the focus area of each University participating in the program.

Tampere University is part of the European consortium offering the EUROPHOTONICS joint Master's Degree program. This two-year Master program of 120 ECTS focuses on advanced research and applied topics in photonics with interdisciplinary applications. The current EUROPHOTONICS program was seleceted as a Erasmus Mundus program in 2018. The program offers different specialisations in photonics according to student's mobility track. All students study in at least two different European universities and gain a double degree. All students start their studies in Marseille and according to the mobility rules continue to Karlsruhe, Barcelona, Tampere or Vilnius.

EUROPHOTONICS graduates work in academic or applied research careers or in photonics related industry. Graduates are able to understand and control matter and optical phenomena at the nanometric scale, provide new imaging and monitoring tools for complex biological processes from cells and tissues to clinical applications, and to develop new and original tools for future optical devices. 

Applicants with a suitable Bachelor's degree with mathematics and physics from all over the world are eligible to apply.The application process is coordinated by Aix-Marseille Université. There is a generous scholarship scheme and students have the opportunity to receive a scholarship from the European Comission. Self-financed students are also accepted.


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