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Applying to Open University studies

On this page, you will find guidelines on applying for the Open University studies, tuition fees, and the terms of payment. Please read the guidelines on applying carefully before filling in the application form.

Quick guide to applying

  1. You can apply for the implementations of studies via the Open University Admission Service.
  2. The application dates may vary, so please check the exact application dates under the information section of each course unit or study module.
  3. If you do not yet know which studies to apply for, please see the available study implementations via the search website. Also take a look at the study offerings page.
  4. Alternatively you may search for studies directly via The Admission Service using the Search studies function while the application period is in progress. Please note that the search function will show the available studies only during the application period.
  5. Please select the course implementations you want to apply for via the Admission Service, and remember to click on the “Sign up” button. An application form requiring authentication will open in a pop-up window in the service. After submitting the form you will receive a confirmation message to your e-mail.
  6. If you are admitted to the studies, you will receive via e-mail with instructions to possible payment, activation of your user account, and registering in the course units.
  7. For more detailed guidelines on applying, please see below on this page.

Application dates

More detailed information on the application dates can be found under the information section of each course unit or study module via the search website. Some courses in the field of technology are offered free of charge via FITech.

Application dates during the academic year of 2023–2024

The application periods start at 10 o'clock and ends at 23.59 (UTC+02:00).

Studies in autumn 2023

  • Application: From 2 August to 14 August 2023. Teaching: From 28 August to 22 October 2023.
  • Application: From 2 August to 2 October 2023. Teaching: From 23 October to 21 December 2023.

 Studies in spring 2024

  • Application: From 13 November to 4 December 2023. Teaching: From 8 January to 3 March 2024.
  • Application: 13 November 2023 to 12 February 2024. Teaching: From 4 March to 12 May 2024.

Studies for which you may apply continuously and summer studies

  • The deadline of applications is 30 April 2024.

Which studies can you apply for?

For studies completed independently during the academic year, you can apply flexibly during the academic year. However, at the moment there are no summer studies available.

You can apply for the studies either for an implementation of a course (eg lecture teaching, online teaching, essay, exam) or in some cases for a study module. Please note that a single course may have many different implementations during the academic year, with different completion methods and timings. Check out the different options and more detailed implementation information via the search website.

There may be prerequisites in some studies. An introductory course, for example, on a topic may be a prerequisite for completing the next implementation. under the information section of each course unit or study module.

For degree students and staff at Tampere University, please see the guidelines on the Intranet.

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Applying via the Open University Admission Service

You can apply for the implementations of studies via the Open University admission service. Please read the guidelines on applying before filling in the form.

Study fees

Study fees are charged on all courses in Open University. The fees in all studies are EUR 15 per credit point. Enrolment in Open University studies is always binding. Only in the case of medical or health reasons, part of the fee can be reimbursed.

Study fees are paid online by Paytrail service. Payment methods include ePayments to domestic banks, card payment, MobilePay, and Walley as an invoice and installment service. 

The fees are based on the Government decree on fees for university services (1082/2009) and its amendment (1436/2014).

Terms of payment and cancelling the studies

If you cannot start your studies because of medical or health reasons, you must submit a written appeal to the Student Affairs Office at the Tampere University and enclose a medical certificate. In such cases, any fees paid in excess of EUR 75 will be reimbursed to the student.

If the Tampere University must cancel a course, for example because there are not enough students, the study fees are reimbursed completely.

The fees on Open University studies and any accrued interest and expenses are subject to enforcement as stipulated by the Government decree on fees for university services (1436/2014). Tampere University reserves the right to change the information in the curriculum.

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Contact us

Do you need advice and counselling concerning the applying? Please do not hesitate to contact us by email at or by phone 0294 520 200 (Study Affairs Office).