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Applying to Open University studies

This page offers you information about applying to our Open University studies. Before filling the application form, please read the instructions.

Application periods

Application periods vary in different study units. Please, check the exact application period in the course offering. 

Application periods in the Academic Year of 2022-23:

3.-15.8.2022 (studies starting in the 1. period 29.8.-23.10.2022)
3.8.-3.10.2022 (studies starting in the 2. period 24.10.-22.12.2022).

14.11.-5.12.2022 (studies starting in the 3. period 9.1.-5.3.2023)
14.11.2022 -13.2.2023 (studies starting in the 4. period 6.3.- 14.5.2023)

Application opens at 10.00 a.m. Independent studies are open for applying during the Academic Year. Please check the details in course information.

Application instructions

Instruction video

First it is important to make a search in course offering to specify, which are the courses of you interest and which implementation suits best for you.

A single course may have many different implementations during the academic year, with different completion methods and timings. Applications will be made for implementations or modules. Please choose the most suitable implementation for you.

Tampere University staff and students: look information in the intranet.

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Application form

When applying to studies fill the application form in an Admission Services.

Study fees

Study fees are charged on all courses in Open University. The fees in all studies are EUR 15 per credit point. Enrolment in Open University studies is always binding. Only in the case of medical or health reasons, part of the fee can be reimbursed.

Study fees are paid online by Paytrail service. Payment methods include ePayments to domestic banks, card payment, MobilePay, and Walley as an invoice and installment service. 

The fees are based on the Government decree on fees for university services (1082/2009) and its amendment (1436/2014).

Terms of payment and cancelling the studies

If you cannot start your studies because of medical or health reasons, you must submit a written appeal to the Student Affairs Office at the Tampere University and enclose a medical certificate. In such cases, any fees paid in excess of EUR 75 will be reimbursed to the student.

If the Tampere University must cancel a course, for example because there are not enough students, the study fees are reimbursed completely.

The fees on Open University studies and any accrued interest and expenses are subject to enforcement as stipulated by the Government decree on fees for university services (1436/2014). Tampere University reserves the right to change the information in the curriculum.

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Do you need advice and counselling concerning the applying? Please, do not hesitate to contact! Email Telephone 0294 520 200 (Study Affairs Office)