Degree programme

Environmental Engineering

Future is in your hands

The world needs people who have the courage and skills to tackle environmental and sustainability challenges around us and find solutions. Be one of us!

Our two-year Master's Programme educates professionals in environmental engineering and circular economy.   With us you will learn about processes and technologies to produce clean water, to recover nutrients and metals and to minimize pollution and to support sustainable use of natural resources. You will thus become expert in promoting environmental sustainability.

To be a successful student in our Master’s Programme, you should have a background in an applicable field of engineering, for example in environmental engineering, biotechnology or natural sciences. We appreciate proficiency in mathematics, a strong motivation and vision for the future.

Our courses provide a wide range of topics from molecular biology level up to waste and wastewater treatment and their automation. This allows you to sharpen your focus on, for example sustainable environmental technologies, digital applications, advanced bioprocesses or governance for circular economy. The professional training and Master’s thesis work allows you to start building your career and networks in the environmental sector.

With the acquired tools and understanding of environmental sustainability, and with the engineering mindset, you will have excellent career opportunities in different fields of environmental engineering. The graduates can be employed for example as process engineers, consultants or project managers in industries and municipalities. If you want, you may also continue your studies towards a doctoral degree.

Specialization themes

1. Sustainable Solutions for Water and Waste Management
2. Digital Innovations in Environmental Technologies
3. Advanced Bioprocesses for Circular Economy
4. Governance for Circular Economy