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Emerging Media

Tampere University of Applied Sciences

Mastering the art of possible in emerging media

Are you overwhelmed with the rapid change of media? This new degree programme supports you to update your knowledge, develop your skills and expand your networks in Finland and internationally. Moreover, it encourages you to consider sustainability to make the world a better place with emerging media.


Master's degree (UAS)

Degree earned

Master of Culture and Arts

Planned duration

1 year (-1.5 years blended learning)

Extent of studies

60 ETCS credits



Form of learning

Part-time studies

Tuition fee for non-EU/EEA citizens

10800 € per academic year

Link to scholarship programme

NB! This programme has no intake in 2022 or 2023 !

This mid-career Master's degree requires 2 years (24 months) of work experience after Bachelor's.

Emerging Media includes new formats, technologies and digital cultures such as virtual and augmented reality as well as constantly changing forms of mobile communications and social media. During the studies, various fields of emerging media are discussed and analysed. Based on your previous work experience and personal interests, you will select at least one focus area in which you develop your skills. The application fields can be, for instance, music or media production, arts, communications, marketing, digital learning, virtual collaboration and developing work practices.

The programme merges emerging media and sustainability, meaning the promotion of wellbeing and tackling of local and global challenges and, on an economic level, e.g. the consideration of business opportunities of emerging media. The studies combine research and practical work in a multidisciplinary way, which encourages to look for ideas from different approaches and practices of media and arts as well as other disciplines.

The studies are organised mainly online, with three separate intensive workshop weeks. Therefore, it is possible to study and have a work at the same time. For your Master’s degree, you will be engaged in active, self-directed learning required for taking over new technologies and application fields. Personal coaching supports this. The duration of the studies is 1-1,5 years depending on the thesis project.

The programme aims to open up new career and business opportunities to media professionals, artists, musicians and designers. It also helps to expand your professional and business networks in Finland and internationally. The three intensive weeks are organised in Mediapolis that is a hub of audiovisual industries in Tampere.

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