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Doctoral Programme in Psychology and Logopaedics

Tampere University

Come and study in the Doctoral Programme in Psychology and Logopedics!

The aim of doctoral studies is to provide doctoral students with the capabilities to successfully work in academic (researcher, teacher) and other types of expert tasks in society. Doctoral students become well versed in their own field of research, but also acquire an extensive general view of their field. The purpose of doctoral education is to adopt scientific thinking, assume good scientific practices and master the diverse skills of a researcher. The doctoral degree also enables the supervision of students and leadership of research groups.

The aim of the Doctoral Programme in Psychology is to provide the student with an in-depth view of the field of study of psychology, its development, basic problems, research methods, and social significance. A person with a doctoral degree has the knowledge and skills needed to apply scientific research methods independently and critically and to produce new psychological knowledge and applications.

The Doctoral Programme in Logopedics offers an in-depth view of the field of study of logopedics, and the preparedness for independent research work and development of new applications. The research focuses on the interaction and communications of Finns, particularly on speech, language, voice and swallowing disorders, on the prevention of such problems, and the study of the effectiveness of rehabilitation. The education prepares the students to apply information produced by basic research in the development of rehabilitation.

A person who holds a PhD in Speech Technique and Vocology has an in-depth understanding of the importance and broad cultural spectrum of speech and voice, knowledge of the multidisciplinary scientific research in the field and is able to apply his/her expertise to both innovative scientific research and teaching.