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Welcome new university students!

On these pages we have compiled all the necessary information you need to get started with your studies at Tampere University in autumn 2022. We look forward to having you here soon!

Please read the information carefully and follow each step.

Remember to take care of these to prepare for arrival in Tampere:

  1. Accept your study place by the given deadline
     If accepted conditionally, remember to deliver the educational documents to fulfill conditional acceptance.
  2. Read through information on fees and scholarships if applicable
  3. Arrange health insurance and travel insurance
  4. Apply for residence permit if necessary
  5. Reserve accommodation
  6. Download the Tampere University degree students' Guidebook app. In the app, you can get to know your new fellow students, ask questions, and read about student life in Tampere in a blog written by students. A lot of the pre-arrival info is available through the app, as well. You have received an invitation to the app by email.
  7. Familiarise yourself with the Welcome Week programme and your programme curriculum
  8. Read about the study culture in Finland and the practicalities of your studies at Tampere University and the study guidance available to help you start your studies
  9. Plan your arrival in Tampere and check which health security measures apply to you on arrival


Know what's going on in the university community

Follow our social media channels and get to know us even before you arrive. We would love to hear from you - share your stories with a hashtag #TampereUni2022.

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Student Life in Tampere

How to find a home in Tampere? How to survive winter in Finland? What kind of hobbies are there available in Tampere? Visit the Student Ambassador Blog and find out!

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Remember to download the Guidebook app!

In the app, you can get to know your new fellow students, ask questions, and read about student life in Tampere in a blog written by students. A lot of the pre-arrival info is available through the app, as well. You have received an invitation to the app by email, go check it out!

Starting your studies

Once you arrive in Tampere, it is time to officially register as a student at Tampere University and prepare to start your studies. We have listed here the main things you need to take care of to get started successfully. Remember that your student tutors will be happy to help with everything even before you get here.


Study & Stay Programme

Study & Stay is Tampere University’s programme of activities and services for all our international degree students. The aim is to support our international students to study, live, and work or start a business in the Tampere area. During your studies you will be able to attend special Study & Stay sessions with experts from career services, the City of Tampere, study guidance, and other relevant services.

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International Tampere

Welcome to Tampere, one of the most attractive and lively cities in Finland. The city of students! Check out some interesting services for internationals in Tampere and find new exciting opportunities.

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Student union of Tampere University

Student Union of Tampere University, TREY, represents all the 18,000 university students in Tampere. TREY protects the interests of students, facilitates the work of student associations, provides services for its members as well as creates a sense of community.

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Studying and living in Tampere and Finland

The University offers a variety of services to make your everyday life and studies in Tampere a success. In the city of Tampere, every fifth resident is a student, which contributes to the relaxed and vibrant atmosphere of the city and is visible in a plethora of student services and events. Below, you will find links to information which will help you plan your everyday life here.


Student tutors are here to help!

Student tutors are older students who are trained to help new students on arrival and during the first year of studies. Their job is to help you in the practical matters of moving to Tampere and in settling into university life here.

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SportUni moves you!

SportUni provides high quality and versatile sport services for students and personnel of Tampere Universities. You can use three campuses’ services for just one affordable fee!

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Tampere - this is home

What to see, do and experience in your new home town Tampere? Get inspired!

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About COVID-19 

Tampere University is actively monitoring the coronavirus situation and will provide updates on a regular basis. In all our communications, we will adhere to the instructions provided by the public authorities and respect the privacy of individuals.

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