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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Campus parking

Campus parking

Staff and student parking

You can purchase a parking permit through the eParking system. Use HAKA-login. 

You can find all the car parks available across the campuses and the permit rates in the eParking system. If you purchase a general parking permit, please note that the permit only allows you to park on your campus if space is available. The general permit does not guarantee a space. You can store multiple vehicle registration numbers in the eParking system, but only one may be active at any one time. When you park on campus, you must ensure that the correct registration number is activated through eParking. You can also activate a different registration number via your smartphone; the changes will become immediately effective in the eParking system.  

You will also need a parking permit to park a motorcycle on your campus. The registration number of your motorcycle must be stored and activated in the eParking system.

All campus car parks are patrolled by traffic wardens of the City of Tampere and subject to enforcement. The wardens determine whether drivers hold a valid parking permit based on their active vehicle registration number. 

All staff parking permits include the option of parking on any of the campuses (city centre campus, TAMK main campus, Kauppi campus, Hervanta campus) on five days each month to attend meetings or for other work-related purposes. On the selected days, you will be able to park on any number of the campuses. This feature is available under My reservations on the main page of the eParking system. Please note that you have to select the days when you need the extra parking privileges.   

Employees will only be able to purchase a parking permit for the campus where their office is located. If your office is relocated to a different campus, please send an email to IGL Technologies Oy. If your duties require you to visit the other campuses on a regular basis, you may be eligible to receive a parking permit that allows you to park on any of the campuses at any time. After this arrangement has been approved by your supervisor, please send an email to IGL Technologies Oy. 

Quick guide to using the eparking app when you start daily parking

1. Sign into the app via Haka login. Open the app.
2. Move the car icon shown on the map to the campus until you see the text “TUNI henkilökunnan päivälupa 3.00 €/vrk”, which translates as TUNI staff day permit €3/day.)
3. In ADD PARKING, feed in your car license plate and press Continue. Choose the necessary number of hours from the drop-down menu. You can park for up to 24 hours with the same €3 daily fee.

Payment happens based on the credit card info you have fed into the app via PAYMENT METHODS -> Short-term parking. You can fill in your information – license plate number and credit card info – in the app already before parking. You will get a receipt about your short-time parking into your email at the end of the week on Saturday.

IGL-Technologies Oy, customer services: email: info [at], tel. 03 410 892 72

Parking on the Hervanta campus

Both staff members and students are able to purchase a permit that allows them to park on the Hervanta campus. 

Dedicated parking spaces are available for visitors on the Hervanta campus. The payment options include coins, credit cards and the Parkman, Easypark and eParking mobile apps. When you are driving along Hervannan valtaväylä and turn onto Korkeakoulunkatu, the visitor parking spaces are located on the car park on your right and along the street on your left. The multi-storey car park on the Hervanta campus is also open to visitors. The mobile apps eParking, Easypark, Parkman and OP Drive are the only payment options in the multi-storey car park.  

Parking on the Kauppi campus

Only staff members are able to purchase a permit that allows them to park on the Kauppi campus. This is due to the limited number of parking spaces available on campus. 

There are no dedicated visitor parking spaces on the Kauppi campus. 

Parking on the city centre campus

Both staff members and students are able to purchase a permit that allows them to park on the city centre campus. Due to lack of parking, only a limited number of permits are available to students.

A small number of parking spaces are dedicated to visitors on the city centre campus.  

Antti Salminen, tel. +358 50 301 4193, antti.salminen [at]

Published: 30.1.2019
Updated: 5.3.2024