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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Studying facilities for students

Rooms for students to use and book in university's campuses

All the rooms listed here are meant primarily for studying or teaching. Staying overnight and intoxication are prohibited.  

Student can book a room in Resource Booker if a room is bookable. All these rooms can be used without a reservation if the room is available. Please note that someone can book a room while someone else is using it. The person with a reservation has the right to use the room and ask others to leave. 

There are also classrooms in university that are for students to use when there are no other bookings and doors open with students access rights.

It is possible to book a room in Resource Booker and also use it to just check current availability. You can also see the updated booking situation in timetables.

If a room that is for students to use is not open or it can't be opened with your access card, please contact the Info desk.

Please don't take any furniture from a room and also don't take extra furnitures into a room. See also the code of conduct in intranet. Rooms are meant for Tampere universities students, security guards have the right to remove a person from the premises if necessary, for example if a person is not a member of Tampere universities.

Limitations to bookings

1. bookings can be made up to 7 days in advance
2. bookings must be between 8:00 and 20:00
3. max 2 bookings per day
4. max 4 bookings per seven days
5. max 2 hours duration per booking


Time limits for bookings and using student facilities. 

- Rooms with 24/7 access are listed below.
- Rooms can be booked in Resource Bookers student - book a room -booking template
- Bookable rooms with 24/7 access can be booked every day between 08:00 and 22:00. Outside that they are available for all students without bookings.
- Accessibility in other that 24/7 buildings may vary depending on holidays or other occasions.
- Library may have different terms.

Hervanta campus
General areas are 24/7 accessible. Bookable rooms are located in Tietotalo.
You must exit the room or area after 22:00 if it's not part of the general area or a 24/7 room.

The language center classrooms in the main building are available for free use when not reserved. Access to the classrooms is granted with a student card during the language center's opening hours from 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Kauppi – Arvo
Rooms with 24/7 access are located in Arvo 1 side of the building.
You must exit the room or area by 20:00 if it's not part of the 24/7 area. Arvo 2 is accessible on weekdays 08-20.

City Centre - Linna
Access on weekdays 08-20. After that students must exit the building or move to the silent reading area which is available 24/7

City Centre – Pinni A
Access on weekdays 08-20. After that students must exit the building or move to the 24/7 area with bookable rooms. 

City Centre – Pinni B
Access on weekdays 08-20. 

City Centre - Päätalo
Access on weekdays 08-20 and Saturdays 09-15.

City Centre - Virta
Access on weekdays 08-20. 

 excluding computer classes and library rooms.


Information about library study rooms here.

More information, bookings and technical support at tilavaraus [at] 

Published: 20.3.2020
Updated: 24.4.2024