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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Grading of study modules

The degree structure is usually based on modules for which module grades must be applied. These modules include for example:

  • basic and intermediate studies of bachelor’s degrees
  • advanced studies of master’s degrees
  • general academic competencies and discipline- and field-specific studies of doctoral degrees

Once you have completed all the courses and study modules required for a module to be evaluated, request an evaluation in Sisu. If the module is evaluated with an actual grade, the grade is calculated based on the course grades as an average weighted by the number of credits.

How to apply for grading of study module in Sisu

  1. First add the module to your Sisu study plan and make correct selections and approvals. Please check the guidelines for making a study plan in Sisu.
  2. Once all the courses and modules required are registered (“parts completed”), you may request an evaluation from the module brochure (blue link below the heading). The button will only appear when the evaluation can be requested.
  3. After sending the request, the request will appear in the module brochure. If you want to withdraw the application, you may do this in My Profile > Applications and Requests.
  4. Once the module has been evaluated, you will receive a note in Sisu and the grade will be shown in the study plan.

Published: 21.6.2019
Updated: 13.6.2023