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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Electronic exams

Electronic exam

An electronic exam refers to an exam taken on a computer or mobile device to verify a student’s competence. The teacher creates an electronic exam in a system of their choice in advance, and assigns it an exact time or a specific time period during which the exam should be taken. In addition, the teacher determines whether the electronic exam is taken in a supervised exam room or whether it is possible to take it independently of the location.

At the Tampere Universities, electronic exams are mainly organised using the TUNI EXAM system. In addition, electronic exams can be organised, for example, in the TUNI Moodle learning platform or with the O365 Forms tool. Moodle and Forms exams are typically online exams that are taken on your own computer at your chosen location.


TUNI EXAM is the electronic exam service of Tampere Universities. It enables the flexible organisation and completion of electronic exams. Exams are taken in centrally controlled EXAM facilities within the exam period determined by the teacher.

Login to the TUNI EXAM system

Please read carefully the instructions and rules for electronic exams from the TUNI EXAM homepage. You can find direct links to the instructions below. Please send questions and feedback related to electronic exams and the TUNI EXAM system to exam [at] (exam[at]tuni[dot]fi).


Published: 30.1.2019
Updated: 29.1.2024