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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Timetable template and suggested timeline

Tampere University

Timetable templates or suggested timelines for completing degree programmes are made available to help our students plan their course of study. Scroll down this page to find the suggested timeline, which may also be available for the academic year 2021/22 in the student information system Sisu.    

If a suggested timeline is available for your degree programme, you can find it on the left of the Timing menu in Sisu. When you select the Use template option from the sidebar that appears on screen, some of your courses will be placed on the timeline in accordance with the planned sequence of studies devised by the administrators of your degree programme. The courses that you must manually place on the timeline include elective courses and courses that are not included in the suggested timeline. Please note that as the suggested timeline is created at the course level, it will not display possible multiple implementations of an individual course.  

If you place courses on the timeline without first enabling the suggested timeline, please be aware that the system will not alert you if a course you place on the timeline is not offered during the period you selected. This means that you will need to separately check the teaching timetable.    

If a suggested timeline is available for your degree programme, you will find it below. 

Published: 25.2.2019
Updated: 15.11.2022