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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Timetable template and suggested timeline

Some degree programmes have made timetable templates or suggested timelines to help you to plan your studies. Timetable templates or suggested timelines for degree programmes can be found on this page.   

Timing templates in Sisu

Timetable templates or suggested timelines could have been entered in Sisu's Timing template. The Timing template can be found on the left side of the Timeline view. Click on the Timing template icon and select Use template. The courses will be placed on the Timeline according to the plan made in your own degree programme. If your degree programme does not have Timing templates, the selection assistant will say "No available timing templates.".

Courses that are not included in the Timing template and free choice studies must be placed in the Timeline by yourself. Check the teaching timetable for these courses and place them in the correct teaching period. Please be aware that the Sisu will not alert you, if a course you place on the Timeline is not offered during the period you selected. Please also note that as the suggested Timing template is created at the course level, it will not display possible multiple implementations of an individual course.  

If timetable templates or suggested timelines are available for your degree programme, you will find them below.

Published: 25.2.2019
Updated: 5.1.2024