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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Updating the personal study plan as the curriculum period changes

This page contains recommendations and guidelines on how you should update your personal study plan (PSP) in Sisu when the curriculum period changes during your studies. Faculty and degree degree programme-specific instructions, transition provisions and correspondence tables are published on page Correspondence of old studies.

A new curriculum does not usually require that a whole new personal study plan is made, but the curriculum must be taken into account as you plan your studies and update your PSP. It is likely that your PSP needs updating at least as regards your course units.

Recommendations and things to note:

  • Before updating your PSP, please read the instructions of your own degree programme and Sisu guidelines.
  • Course units: check the versions of the course units you have not completed and exchange them for new ones because teaching is arranged in accordance with the new versions.
  • Study modules: please consider them case by case and see the more specific instructions. If your PSP contains many study attainments and personalisations done in the free edit mode, it is usually not recommended to change the version.
  • Degree programme and study modules: Copy your current PSP as the basis for a new one and prepare the updates using it. In this way, you ensure that the choices you made in the current PSP are saved. Complete the process by selecting the new PSP as your primary plan.

Published: 15.6.2021
Updated: 25.4.2024