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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Elective study offerings

Degree studies at Tampere University include free-choice elective studies. These studies provide students an individual opportunity to extend and advance knowledge and skills  related to their personal  development and to their professional or career interests. As a student you can choose elective studies into your degree studies from various study offerings - especially from the offerings of  the various degree programmes and of the faculties, but there are also other instances that offer elective studies.

You can find information on the free-choice elective study offerings for the academic year 2020-2021 below. The information concerns only studies offered in English. The elective study offerings have been divided into categories based on the fields of science. More specifically, the  fields of science division has been made up on the basis of the fields indicated by the degree titles.

You can also find information on the elective study offerings of HUBS and of Language Centre below.

The elective study offerings of the degree programmes and of the faculties  are divided as follows:

Administrative Sciences and Business Studies

Education Sciences: class teacher training, early childhood education, lifelong learning and education.

Engineering Sciences: automation engineering, biotechnology and biomedical engineering (M.Sc. [tech].), civil engineering, computing sciences, electrical engineering, engineering and natural sciences, environmental, energy and bioengineering, information and knowledge management, industrial engineering and management, material engineering, mechanical engineering.

Health Sciences and Psychology

Humanistic Sciences: philosophy, history, languages, literary studies, logopedics, communication

Natural Sciences: Biotechnology and biomedical engineering (M.Sc.), computer sciences, information studies, mathematics and statistics and Medical Science.

Social Sciences: journalism, media research, politics, social work, social sciences

Please note the following aspects:

  • The degree programme in architecture offers elective studies only in urban planning and design and primarily to students of civil engineering
  • The degree programme in communications and the degree programme in biotechnology and biomedical engineering are multidisciplinary by their nature. Therefore the studies offered by these programmes are located into different categories based on the  fields of study.
  • The degree programme in engineering and natural sciences includes  engineering science studies and natural science studies, but all the elective studies offered by this degree programme are found under the engineering sciences.

Published: 25.2.2019
Updated: 13.6.2024