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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Top athletes in Tampere Universities

Tampere Sports Academy is a sports cooperation network which supports athletes, coaches and sports clubs on athletes’ path. The Sports Academy is run by Varala Sports Institute and financed by the Ministry of Education and Culture, City of Tampere and Varala Sports Institute. Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences are cooperation partners of the Sports Academy.

The cooperation between the HEIs and the Sports Academy enables smooth combination of target-oriented top-level sports and higher education studies in Tampere.

Tampere Sports Academy is for student athletes at the international top or those aiming there. As academy members, student athletes can show their student counsellors, teachers and other study-related parties that they are athletes aiming at the top. Simultaneous advancement of the sports career and studies may sometimes call for flexible exam dates, a year off or modification of the study plan for example during a post-injury rehabilitation period.

TAMK and the Sports Academy as well as Tampere University and the Sports Academy have agreements in which the HEIs commit themselves to enable balanced training and competition for students with the sports academy status through diverse study arrangements at all phases of their study path.

You can have help in planning your studies from education specialists of your faculty at Tampere University or from student counsellors of your TAMK school. Student Counsellor Heli Tiitinen is also available for university students.

The application periods for the Sports Academy are 1 August - 30 September in the autumn and 1 - 31 January in the spring. The application guidelines and further information on the Sports Academy can be found at

Members of Tampere Sports Academy can use SportUni services for the whole year with the autumn term fee. 

Tampere universities support all their students who participate in major student sport competitions.

Published: 27.2.2019
Updated: 15.12.2023