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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Graduation schedules

This page describes the indicative graduation schedule for the current semester, which may differ by faculty or degree programme. Confirm the exact schedule from your own faculty or degree programme! Please note that you can submit a graduation request and also graduate at any time during the academic year, but during the summer and Christmas breaks, graduation requests are not processed in the normal way. Faculties and degree programmes decide on the exact dates of their own summer and Christmas breaks. Please note that only students who are enrolled as attending can graduate.

Graduation in the autumn semester of 2023

The degree certificate can be applied from the student information system Sisu. See more about the application procedure in Sisu on the Degree certificates page.

In the autumn semester of 2023, all faculties issue degree certificates regularly from 16 August to 13 December 2023.

The graduation day recorded on the diploma is the day when the request for graduation has been received and it has been verified that the student has completed all the studies included in the degree. If study attainments that are part of the degree are entered on the student’s academic record after the request for graduation, the day of graduation will be the day of the last study attainment. The certificates are issued within three (3) weeks of application. During vacation time, there may be variance in the days when the faculties issue certificates.

The maturity test will be conducted until 31 July, 2024 with the evaluation of the thesis' abstract. For more information see: Maturity test and demostration of language skills in degrees page.


Bachelor’s degrees/ Master’s degrees / Master of Science in Engineering / Architecture

You must make an agreement on the exact schedule of the thesis in the thesis seminar or with the thesis supervisor!

Degree programmes/supervisors issue further instructions on the originality checking of the manuscript with the Turnitin software and submitting the thesis for assessment. Examiners must evaluate the thesis within four weeks (28 days) after the student has submitted the thesis for assessment in cases where the student takes the maturity exam as a separate test in the form of an electronic examination. When the abstract of the thesis also serves as the maturity test, the reviewers of the thesis must provide their statements within three weeks (21 days) after the thesis has been submitted for assessment. (The results of theses submitted to evaluation between June 1 and August 31 can be announced within a longer period of time than mentioned above.) Note! In the autumn semester 2023, the examiner must submit the thesis evaluation statement to the faculty no later than 15 November 2023, so that the performance can be registered at Sisu by 22 November 2023.

In the academic year 2023–2024 both Bachelor’s and Master’s students write an abstract of their thesis that serves as a maturity test.

By following the schedule below, you may ensure that your degree certificate can be issued and delivered in December:

  • Wed 25 October 2023: If you want to graduate by 13 December 2023 and the abstract of the thesis also serves as the maturity exam, submit your thesis for assessment by this date (upload your thesis to Trepo). (Please note the different schedule for master’s theses in architecture, see Student’s Guide page Master’s thesis in Technology/Architecture, BEN: Master’s Thesis in Architecture.)
  • Wed 22 November 2023: If you intend to graduate before 13 December 2023, this is the last day for you to submit the degree certificate application. Make sure that all study attainments and modules that belong to the degree are entered in the academic record prior to your application.
  • Wed 13 December 2023: This is the last regular day for issuing degree certificates in December. Check the exact schedules from your own faculty.

Licentiate of Medicine degrees

Separate instructions will be provided for medical students, see more information in Finnish.

Licentiate’s and doctoral degrees (postgraduate degrees)

In the autumn semester of 2023, all faculties issue degree certificates regularly from 16 August to 13 December 2023.  

The certificates are issued within three (3) weeks of application if all study attainments including the dissertation have been assessed and entered in the academic record.


For further information contact your own Faculty or specialist Hanna Nurmi.



Published: 27.2.2019
Updated: 25.10.2023