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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Degree certificates

Tampere University and TAMK

Tampere University awards you a digital Finnish and English degree certificate for your bachelor’s or master’s degree. 

A digital Finnish and English transcripts of records are given as an appendix to the degree certificate. In addition, you receive a Diploma Supplement for international use. 

After you have completed all studies required for a degree, you can apply for a degree certificate in Sisu. Please see instruction on the How to Apply for a Degree Certificate in Sisu page. All courses and required study module grades should be registered before you submit your application.

You will receive a message in your TUNI e-mail with instructions for loading the digital certificate when the dean has signed the certificate. Retrieving the digital certificate requires a valid TUNI user account, meaning that students are advised to retrieve the certificate as soon as they receive the message. In problem situations, students can contact the Student Affairs Office.

Digital degree certificates awarded by Tampere University meet the highest EU level requirements. You can make copies of the file and keep an electronic signature on the copies. The signature is displayed through signature in the PDF file. In addition, the authenticity of the signature can be verified using the Digital and Population Data Services Agency's "Inspect PDF Document" service Fineid - Check the PDF document.

The digital certificate is the student’s official degree certificate. Students can print a paper copy of the certificate or request to have a copy when they apply for graduation. Students are informed by email when the copy of the certificate has been posted or can be fetched from the Student Affairs Office.





Published: 27.2.2019
Updated: 2.2.2023