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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Check-list for graduation

Graduation must be applied for through the Sisu student information management system. Separate instructions for loading the digital certificate will be sent to your secondary e-mail address (different from your tuni email address).

Well before graduation:

  • Ensure that your Sisu study plan is up to date and that the necessary course completions have been or are about to be added. Submit requests for any missing study module assessments.
  • Check that you have correct number of credits. You might have some double credits, if you have studied both in the city centre and Kauppi campuses and in Hervanta campus before the year 2019. Inform your Faculty about any mistakes.
  • Check the graduation schedules, especially if you intend to graduate at the end of the semester.
  • If your thesis is unfinished, discuss its assessment schedule.
  • If you want to include an internationalisation module in your degree, prepare the relevant application in advance. You will need to append it to the actual certificate application.
  • Take care of any health care matters with FSHS.
  • If necessary, remember to renew your residence permit before your graduation. You can check which type of residence permit you need from Migri’s pages.

About your user account and email

  • Your user account expires fourteen days after the end of your right to study. Please check the validity of your user account at service.
  • The email address related to your user account also expires at the same time. It is not possible to set a forwarding address or an automatic reply for your expired email address.
  • NB! The contents of the home directory related to the email account will also be destroyed so please make sure to make copies of the materials you may still need.
  • Your other rights associated with the user account (additional user rights) expire immediately at the end of your right to study.
  • NB! You will no longer be able to login SISU after the graduation date.
  • Add your secondary email address (different from your tuni email address) to Sisu well in advance, because the download link for the digital certificate will be sent to your secondary email address!
  • Archive the necessary emails on your own computer as well as Moodle documents, for example.
  • Check possible student licenses

More information: IT services when right to study ends

No later than three weeks before the intended graduation:

  • Return the university keys, if you have any. Hervanta campus students will require a signature for the returned keys.Fill in the form below and send it to tila-helpdesk [at] (tila-helpdesk[at]tuni[dot]fi).
  • Return other items that belong to the university.
  • Join your student association’s alumni register. You can join the university’s alumni register in conjunction with the graduation application.
  • Prepare the graduation application in Sisu and return any other appendices required.
  • Respond to any graduation questionnaires specific to your field.
  • You should also note that the discontinuation of your student status may also affect TOAS housing and travel, for example.
  • Check any matters relating to your student association membership fees.
    • Those scheduled to graduate in August can apply for a reimbursement of the fee until the end of September. 
    • January graduates can apply for a reimbursement of the fee until the end of January.
  • If you are a fee-paying student, check if you are eligible to apply for the Tampere University International Advancement Scholarship and submit your application at the same time when you submit your application for graduation. More information and the application form: Scholarships for fee-paying students admitted in 2021 or later 

Surveys for graduates:

Remember to check your tuni e-mail account!

  • The person who prepares the degrees will contact you via your tuni e-mail address if they have any questions relating to your application.
Published: 27.2.2019
Updated: 14.5.2024