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Tampere University Student's Handbook

How to Apply for a Degree Certificate in Sisu

How to Apply for a Degree Certificate in Sisu

To apply for graduation in Sisu, your study plan must be in order and you must have obtained approval for any deviating arrangements. As a general rule, you can only apply for graduation based on the study plan to which your right to study applies. Any missing applications for compiling and assessing study modules will be sent automatically in conjunction with the graduation request. Please note that only students who are enrolled as attending can graduate.

Sisu graduation application:

1.Once you have completed all studies included in the degree and your study plan is in order, Sisu will indicate in the top bar of the study structure view that you are eligible to apply for graduation. An icon is also shown next to the name of the degree programme to indicate that the degree is complete. To prepare the application, click the heading and select “Request for graduation”.

Graduation picture 1
Graduation picture 2

The graduation request can technically be submitted in Sisu through the degree programme code also before all course credits have been registered to a student. This should only be done in an exceptional situation, where all study attainments included in the degree have been submitted for evaluation and the end of the right to study is approaching.  A graduation request is opened on the Structure of studies page. Click your degree programme’s code and open an accordion menu called "Graduation". Select the "Request for graduation". 

2. If necessary, edit your contact information on the application form and add a secondary e-mail address that can be used to contact you after graduation.

3. Add the following details in the additional information, as necessary: 

  • Mention of the internationalisation module for which you have submitted an application. Please note that a separate application must be prepared for the internationalisation module.

4. If you wish, order a paper copy of your digital certificate.

5. If you are graduating with an undergraduate degree, please respond to the national feedback survey for bachelor’s degree graduates.

6. If you wish, you can join the university alumni and grant permission to add your information in the alumni register.

Appendices to be provided, in addition to the Sisu application

Where necessary, provide the following documents to the education assistant of your degree programme alongside the Sisu application. In matters related to graduation, use the faculty’s study services address (the address format is tdk.opiskelu.tau [at], i.e. ens.opiskelu.tau [at], for example). See other contact details for education assistants by Faculties.

  • Internationalisation module application
  • A copy of a previous university degree must be attached to the bachelor's degree application, if it was completed outside the University of Tampere. If you have been admitted to complete a master’s degree only, append the certificate application with information on the studies that supplement your prior degree. This will expedite the processing of your application.
  • Graduates of master’s degree programmes in technology or architecture: All graduates of master’s degree programmes in technology or architecture must hand in the key return certificate, even if they have no keys. As regards bachelor’s degree studies, hand in the key return certificate if you will not be continuing to master’s level studies. You can deliver the form electonically to tila-helpdesk [at] (tila-helpdesk[at]tuni[dot]fi)

Respond to the graduate survey

1. If you are graduating with an undergraduate degree, please respond to the national feedback survey for bachelor’s degree graduates. The results of the questionnaire will be used to develop university studies and guide universities nationwide. In the licentiate degree programme in medicine, those who have completed fourth-year studies will receive a separate request to respond to the survey late in the autumn.

2. If you are graduating with a master’s degree in technology or architecture in year 2024, please respond to the TEK Graduate Survey 2024.

3. If you are graduating with a master's degree in economics and business administration in year 2024, please respond to the universities' and The Finnish Business School Graduates' survey for graduates.

4. If you are graduating with a doctorate, please respond to the survey for postgraduates (change the language on the upper right corner of the form).

Published: 25.10.2021
Updated: 7.6.2024