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TAMK Student's Handbook

Individual arrangements in exams

You can have individual arrangements for exams if you have a diagnosis on a learning disability or other illness, disability or condition affecting ability to study. The arrangements written down in the Proposal for Individual Study Arrangements can be e.g. extra time, dividing the exam into smaller sections, or taking a verbal exam. Agree about individual  arrangements ahead of time with the teacher. Read more in Obtaining Individual Study Arrangements.

Accessible Exam Room (B1-23)

TAMK has an Accessible Exam Room for students who have a need for a separate space due to an illness or disability. Concentration problems, intestinal diseases, fragrance hypersensitivity or need of reading questions aloud are examples of situations where having your own separate space could be beneficial. If needed, you can also bring your baby, personal assistant or service dog into the accessible exam room. You can also use your own aids visual, hearing or mobility aids or medicine in the room. Notify beforehand of any extra arrangements needed by email tenttiterraario.tamk [at] (tenttiterraario[dot]tamk[at]tuni[dot]fi).

Address of Accessible Exam Room: TAMK Main Campus, Kuntokatu 3, Service Street, room B1-23.

Doing a paper exam in the Accessible Exam Room

  • Paper exams can be done on Mondays at 9–15.
  • Well before the exam, discuss with the teacher about the possibility of doing the exam in Accessible Exam Room. The teacher reserves the room (B1-23) in Peppi at least 10 days before the exam.
  • The teacher sends exam questions (pdf document) to tenttiterraario.tamk [at] (tenttiterraario[dot]tamk[at]tuni[dot]fi) at least 7 days before the exam.
  • The student finds an exam envelope on the table at the beginning of the exam.
  • The student returns the exam envelope to a locked box in the Accessible Exam Room.

Doing an electronic exam in the EXAM system

  • You can do an electronic exam in the EXAM system on Tuesday–Friday at 08–18 and on Saturday at 9–16.
  • When you sign up in the EXAM programme, choose “Accessible Exam Room” and “B1-23” for “Choose room”.

Available equipment in the Accessible Exam Room

  • Electric door (can be opened with student or staff electronic key)
  • One desk with adjustable height + computer with EXAM system. Basic drawing is possible with touch screen (Wacom).
  • Another desk with adjustable height
  • Two office chairs with adjustable height
  • Adjustable lighting
  • Earmuffs
  • Couch
  • Locker (use if you cannot leave your jacket and other belongings to lockers found e.g. in front of the Library)
  • Recording camera

How to use the Accessible Exam Room

Enter the room with your own electronic access card. If you don’t yet have your own electronic access card, you activate any other electronically readable card. Contact the Kuntokatu 3 Info Desk to activate your card: opening hours Mon–Fri at 8–16, info.tamk [at] (info[dot]tamk[at]tuni[dot]fi), tel. +358 094 524 044. More information on access to campus facilities.

Carefully read EXAM system instructions.

Same instructions apply to an exam taken in the accessible exam room as to normal exams. You cannot carry any materials with you, only a student card or other photo ID and an electronic key card. However, if you need e.g. tissues, medicine or aids due to your illness or condition, notify the exam arrangers of each items beforehand by email: tenttiterraario.tamk [at] (tenttiterraario[dot]tamk[at]tuni[dot]fi). If you have e.g. a bag , jacket or a phone, place them in the locker. Then place all items needed during the exam on your desk. You are not allowed to take out any other items after the exams has started.

You cannot leave the room during the exam. If you have a Toilet Card or it has been written down in your Proposal for Special Arrangements that you are allowed to use the toilet, notify the exam arrangers beforehand by email: tenttiterraario.tamk [at] (tenttiterraario[dot]tamk[at]tuni[dot]fi). The closest toilet is in the same corridor, in front of the Library.

Other types of exams (Moodle exam, classroom exam, distance exam, etc.)

Contact your teacher.

More information

  • EXAM Team: tenttiterraario.tamk [at] (tenttiterraario[dot]tamk[at]tuni[dot]fi)
  • Teachnical issues: exam [at] (exam[at]tuni[dot]fi)
  • Accessibility: erityinentuki.tamk [at] (erityinentuki[dot]tamk[at]tuni[dot]fi)
Published: 5.11.2021
Updated: 10.4.2024