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TAMK Student's Handbook

Appeals against decision concerning a student

Student admission (Degree Regulations 7 §)

Student admission is implemented by means of joint or separate application. In professional teacher educations, student admission takes place through joint separate application to professional teacher education.

Applicants can in written request for a correction to the student admission decision from TAMK's Board of Examiners in 14 days after publication of the admission results. Students have the right to appeal against the Board of Examiners' decision to Hämeenlinna Administrative Court in 30 days after being informed of the decision

Amendment request on study attainments and credit transfers (Degree Regulations 26 §)

Students have the right to request for amendment of study attainment assessment or credit transfer for studies completed elsewhere or other demonstrated competence either in written or orally. Amendment requests concerning study attainments have to be made to the concerned teacher in 14 days after the student had the possibility to see the assessment results and be informed of application of assessment criteria in his/her case. Amendment requests concerning credit transfer have to be made to the decision-maker in 14 days after being informed of the decision.

Amendment requests have to be processed urgently and related decisions have to be given in written.

If dissatisfied with the amendment decision, the student may submit a written amendment request on it to Tampere University of Applied Sciences' Board of Examiners in 14 days after being informed of the decision. It has to be stated in the amendment request how the decision should be amended and on what grounds. The amendment request is delivered to TAMK’s Registry and Records Management. The decision of the Board of Examiners cannot be appealed. (See more: Amendment of study attainments)

Published: 26.2.2019
Updated: 11.11.2021