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TAMK Student's Handbook

Goin' application for international students and tutors

Starting academic year 2023-24, the international degree and exchange students as well as Finnish students in English degree programmes at TAMK have used Goin’ application to get to know their student peers already before starting their studies at Tampere.

Goin’ is an application that facilitates community building from day one for all international study offer holders and students already here at TAMK. It’s a mobile app and a platform that enables students to connect and network with future fellow students even before accepting their offered study place. Students can form connections, create interest groups, get tips and hints from other students and build a social network to reduce loneliness and apprehension about moving to a new country. Despite working like a social media, it allows students to network safely without sharing their personal contact details.

All international degree programme students and exchange students will receive an invitation to the application. For new degree students, the link for registering is in the acceptance email and newsletter for newly selected students.

The use of the application is voluntary and you can decide whether you want to create an account or not in the app.

Goin’ Data Protection

Published: 29.3.2023
Updated: 8.5.2024