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Tampere University of Applied Sciences Alumni studies

After graduation you are entitled to TAMK's alumni studies and you can continue developing yourself with us. We offer you open UAS courses, professional specialization education and diverse continuing education. You can also turn to us for tailored education solutions for your company or organization. In order to be able to participate in alumni studies, you must have graduated from one of TAMK's degree programs and must be registered as a TAMK alumni. If you do not know whether you are already in the alumni register, please contact TAMK's alumni services. You can also use the register form to check up your personal details and update your contact information if needed. After registration you will receive an alumni newsletter, which contains up to date information about alumni affairs, invitations to various events and get-togethers as well as information on courses and seminars.

Open UAS studies

You are entitled to TAMK’s open UAS studies free of charge for one year after your graduation. Complimentary time will start immediately after graduation. After this, the studies will be subject to charge. 

Open higher education suits you if you want to study UAS degree studies regardless of your life situation and basic education. By combining courses from our extensive selection, you can quickly learn about various themes that interest you. 

What should I do?

  • First, check if you are in the alumni register (above instructions).
  • Find the course you want to join in TAMK's Open UAS studies selection.
  • Register for the course with this form and you will be contacted by email as soon as possible.
  • Register for your course no later than 2 weeks before the start of the study.

Please consider these

  • You also have the opportunity to study in the YAMK degree programs.
  • The path studies are not included in the alumni study offer.
  • There are limited number of places in the courses and the places will be filled in the order of registration, unless otherwise stated.

Specialization education

Reduced-priced TAMK’s specialization education studies are also available for all alumni. Please note that the Alumni study entitlement does not automatically ensure you a place of study, but the selection is based on the normal selection process for each education.

Specialization education suits you if you want to deepen your competence in a specific field. The extent of the studies is minimum 30 credits and they aim at profound development of expertise and professional competence.

At the moment, we don't offer Specialization education in English.

Tailored education solutions

For companies and organisations, we offer tailor-made continuous education programmes, coaching services and different tools to better analyse and understand your work community.  

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Contact us!

Do you have any questions? We will help you in matters relating to alumni studies. Contact address: alumniopinnot.tamk [at]