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Wellbeing at Work Research Group

We are a multidisciplinary research group with the focus on enhancing wellbeing at work through multi-method research and development. Our research themes include, for example, wellbeing at work and productivity, wellbeing in digitalising work, leading and managing wellbeing at work, entrepreneurs’ wellbeing, and skills and competencies in changing work. We develop work and wellbeing through research-based, strategy- and customer-driven, and resource- and solution-oriented approach. We provide tailored services to help and support workplaces in growing their expertise in well-being at work.

Research focus and goals

We produce and disseminate high-quality research knowledge on wellbeing at work as well as develop wellbeing at work in practice.



  • Collaborative learning in the financial administration robotisation (Finnish Work Environment Fund) 2018–2020
  • Well-being at work of small entrepreneurs (Ilmarinen) 2018–2019
  • Evidence-based health promotion at workplaces Promo@Work (Academy of Finland) 2016–2019
  • USCO – Using Digital Co-Creation for Business Development (Business Finland) 2016–2019
  • The associations of wellbeing at work, social networks and productivity - case Nordea Life (Finnish Working Environment Fund) 2016–2018

Other members

Research Director Kirsi Heikkilä-Tammi

Project Manager Riitta-Liisa Larjovuori

Planning Officer Sanna Nuutinen

Planning Officer Laura Bordi

Postdoctoral Researcher Jaana-Piia Mäkiniemi

Project Manager Anna Koski

Postdoctoral Researcher Salla Ahola

Research Assistant Johanna Lilja

Docent Marja-Liisa Manka

Contact persons

Kirsi Heikkilä-Tammi

Research Director

kirsi.heikkila-tammi [at]

+358 50 420 1532