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Urban and Regional Studies Group (Sente)

Urban and Regional Studies Group's (Sente) research interests are diversified within the urban and regional development context, and range from innovation systems and communities to culture and creative industries to strategic spatial planning to place leadership and institutional entrepreneurship.

Research focus and goals

Sente aims to

  • strengthen the theory of agency in local and regional economic development and
  • support local and regional development practices both in Finland and other countries.

Sente carries out research and, to some extent, supports local and regional economic development policy makers and practitioners in their work. The majority of research are carried out in large International research projects. We are, and have been, engaged in several international comparative research projects the aim being that these efforts would lead to deeper understanding of the dynamics of knowledge-based local and regional development.

Contact persons

Markku Sotarauta


markku.sotarauta [at]

+358 40 190 4004