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Person with iced samples

TS-SLIPS – Thermally Sprayed slippery liquid infused porous surfaces – towards durable anti-icing coatings

Various industrial operations, such as off-shore, ship industry, energy production, aviation and tall structures suffer from icing problems. Ice loads are decreasing efficiency and operational tempo, compromising safety and causing structure failures worldwide, especially in Europe, Northern America, Artic Ocean and Asia. The economic costs of severe ice storms have been reported exceeding billions of USD and hundreds of lives have been lost due to icing. Currently utilized anti- and de-icing methods are unsustainable, demand continuous reapplication, consume energy and are hazardous not only for environment but also for personnel. Surface engineering provides more sustainable approach for icing issues. The durability of current anti-icing solutions against environmental stresses and performance in all icing conditions is insufficient.

The aim of this project is to develop a durable anti-icing surface engineering solution, which is functional in harsh cold climate conditions. Durable anti-icing slippery liquid infused porous surfaces (SLIPS) will be designed and manufactured by using thermal spraying (TS) and utilizing polymeric materials. Cost-effectiveness and high performance are often associated to thermal spraying in combination to its versatility in coating manufacturing whereas SLIPS solutions have shown extremely low ice adhesion. Novelty of this research is achieved by combining advantages from SLIPS concept with durable coating production by thermal spraying as the TS-SLIPS solution. Research utilizes the icing wind tunnel (IWiT) and the centrifugal ice adhesion test (CAT) to simulate the concrete atmospheric icing conditions.

Funding source

Academy of Finland