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Tampere Imaging Facility (TIF)


Tampere Imaging Facility (TIF)

The facility offers state-of-the-art equipment for mesoscopic and high resolution imaging of tissues, small model organisms, biomaterials, tissue engineering products and advanced cell cultures both in 2D and 3D thus offering services for both life scientists and biomedical engineers.

Tampere Imaging Facility (TIF) is located in the Arvo building on the Kauppi campus of the Tampere University. It offers state-of-the-art imaging solutions for life and material scientists. TIF includes several microscope systems for imaging of living or fixed specimens: spinning disk and laser scanning confocal microscopes, super-resolution structured illumination microscope, long timelapse imaging systems and widefield fluorescence microscopes. TIF also has data processing and analysis stations available with deconvolution, visualization and image quantification possibilities.

TIF provides training for users, organizes imaging related courses and actively participates teaching at the Tampere University. Users have the possibility to plan and conduct the experiments and data analysis together with the core personnel.

Booking system

Agendo booking system for the microscopes:


All the users of the Tampere Imaging Facility (TIF) services are obligated to acknowledge the facility and Biocenter Finland in publications:

“The authors acknowledge the Biocenter Finland (BF) and Tampere Imaging Facility (TIF) for the service.”

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