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Person using optical microscope

Synthetic Biology

The SynBio research group focuses on developing new biological systems and platforms for the production of bioenergy compounds, biochemicals and biomaterials in sustainable and environmentally friendly ways. Understanding and engineering microbial metabolism has a key role in building cells for optimal use of energy and carbon. In our research, we develop and construct novel microbial cell factories for the production of value-added compounds from sustainable raw materials.  

Research focus and goals

The main goal of the research group is to create new ways to utilize waste materials or other challenging resources, such as lignin and carbon dioxide, and by that promote circular economy as well as energy and resource efficiency. We use genetically modified bacteria to produce custom-made bioproducts, such as microbial oils, bacterial nanocellulose, or functional hydrocarbons. We model and develop molecular tools for engineering, optimizing, and investigating microbial metabolism. In addition to pure strains, we develop and investigate microbial consortia from the perspective of both bioprocesses and microbial ecology.