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A sustainable bioelectrochemical conversion of CO2 and methanol into chemical commodities and their recovery

Tampere University
Duration of project1.1.2020–31.12.2023
Area of focusTechnology

In this project, microbial conversion of carbon dioxide and methanol to medium carbon chain fatty acids is optimized in a process called microbial electrosynthesis. The project promotes circular economy and mitigates climate change by converting C1 compounds to platform chemicals for chemical industry. The aim of the project is to establish and characterize an innovative microbial electrosynthesis process and to enhance the microbial conversion process by using novel carbon foam electrodes and inline product recovery with tailor-made adsorbents. The multidisciplinary research is conducted at the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences in Tampere University and at the Faculty of Technology in University of Oulu.

Funding source

Academy of Finland



University of Oulu, Faculty of Technology: Prof. Ulla Lassi, D.Sc. Anne Heponiemi, D.Sc. Hanna Runtti, D.Sc. Toni Varila