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SOUNDofICE - Sustainable Smart De-Icing by Surface Engineering of Acoustic Waves

SOUNDofICE focuses on the use of acoustic waves as a novel solution for de-icing of industrial facilities. The project is bringing together anti-icing specialists, materials scientists and engineers to test whether high frequency (MHz-order) surface acoustic waves can be used to remove ice from surfaces in a smart and sustainable way. To that end, the project will work on a solution based on the surface engineering of acoustic waves capable of working in harsh conditions at a minimum energetic cost. Specifically, it will develop models of surface wave atom excitation of ice aggregates and integrate acoustic transducers into large areas. Overall, the project aims to show how its de-icing strategy beats current methods. The technology will be tested and its future transfer to key EU players in aeronautics, renewable energy and household appliances will be reviewed.

Icing on surfaces is commonplace in nature and industry and too often causes catastrophic events. SOUNDofICE ultimate goal is to overcome costly and environmentally harmful de-icing methods with a pioneering strategy based on the surface engineering of MHz Acoustic Waves for a smart and sustainable removal of ice. This technology encompasses the autonomous detection and low-energy-consuming removal of accreted ice on any material and geometry. For the first time, both detection and de-icing will share the same operating principle. The visionary research program covers modeling of surface wave atom excitation of ice aggregates, integration of acoustic transducers on large areas and the development of surface engineering solutions to stack micron-size interdigitated electrodes together with different layers providing efficient wave propagation, anti-icing capacity, and aging resistance.

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Funding source

Financier: EU/H2020/FETOPEN2018-2019-2020-01/RIA

Grant agreement ID: 899352

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Coordinating organisation

Spanish National Research Council, CSIC (Spain, coordinator)


Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research, IFW Dresden (Germany)
Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial, INTA (Spain)
Technology Partners (Poland)
Villinger GMBH (Austria)
EnerOcean S.L. (Spain)
Tampere University

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