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Research to Business

Tampere University is committed to supporting new business creation and startups born out of research. Our Innovation Services unit helps researchers identify funding opportunities, explore the commercial potential of their research findings, license their findings and protect their intellectual property. In addition, Innovation Services keeps investors and external stakeholders up to date with ongoing research to business (R2B) projects. More information and contacts:

What are R2B projects all about?

Research groups and researchers that are looking to turn their research into a business and commercialise their research-based ideas and innovations can apply for funding from Business Finland through the Research to Business (R2B) programme.

Laboratorion johtaja Vesna Blazevic ja hänen rokotetutkimusryhmänsä Arvossa 12.3.2019.

Who should stay up to date with R2B projects?

Tribologian tutkimus kohdistuu pintojen välisessä kosketuksessa tapahtuvaan kitkaan, kulumiseen ja voiteluun. Kuvassa Juuso Lahtivirta.

We provide investors with information about potential investment opportunities and help them connect with researchers from different fields.

We keep external stakeholders in the loop with the latest R2B projects.

We offer company partners access to the latest knowledge and innovations to support their business.

Business developers: We are periodically looking for business developers to support the commercialisation of innovations born out of research. They will be tasked with exploring and building pathways to commercialisation. At the moment there are no open positions.

Arri Priimägi

Find out more about ongoing R2B projects

New R2B projects are generally launched twice a year after Business Finland’s calls close.

Laura Koivusalo/ Kuva: Jonne Renvall

Find out more about past R2B projects and their results

Tampere University and its predecessors have been supporting efforts to turn research into successful business opportunities since 2012. Funding has been granted to more than 60 projects.