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PerforMat - Materials Performance Competence Spearhead

PerforMat is an ambitious initiative to advance Materials Genome Initiative in Finland. It focuses on advanced materials, targeting their optimized use and performance as a part of engineering systems crucial for Finnish export. For this, PerforMat partnership network i) brings together key stakeholders along the development value chain of advanced materials: new ultrahigh-strength steels and novel thin films and coatings, and their use in critical components of modern industrial systems; ii) collaboratively produces the research data needed to close the performance feedback loop; iii) boosts competitiveness of Finnish industry by accelerating materials development for high-performance industrial applications by integrating experimental research, computational modelling and data informatics, iv) demonstrates the performance gain, and v) creates practices for sharing research infrastructure, data and virtual tools to enhance the transparency of science and exploitation of results.

Funding source

Academy of Finland

Coordinating organisation

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd


Tampere Univeristy, Engineering Materials Science
University of Oulu, Centre for Advanced Steels Research